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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. I had a great day with my boys and my hubby. I don't know about everyone else, but to me, being a mom is the greatest thing in the world. Even when my kids are at their most irritating and obnoxious (and 5 year old twins can be Unbelievably obnoxious) I am still proud to be their mommy. I love you Chase, Jacob, Noah and Christian! And my husband Mark, my best friend. I would be nothing without him. My life was not complete until I met him.

On to the cookies...

These cookies were for our church Mother/Daughter banquet, along with the cake (see previous post). I LOVE the little bugs! They are so cute, and so much fun to play around with.

Inching along,,,

I loved the little green guy until I put that 1 eye on him. I'm not sure why I left it like that, but definitely won't again.
This was my first attempt at the caterpillars, bees, and dragonflies, so they don't look so good. Have to keep working on them.

I just love butterflies. The designs and color combos are endless. I have a few other cutters, but only used 1 in this group. I need to try out some of the others now that I'm pretty happy with these.

Colored ladies...

Invasion!! I caught my son Noah playing war with my cookies. He had the Ladybugs, Butterflies & Snails on one side, and the rest of the bugs on the other.
This is the carnage that ensued...

A couple of the finished trays..

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